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Reviewed on: 17 April 2019
Reviewed By: Shane K
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I've been running my DH370 for around two months now and all-in-all I'm pretty happy with it. I really like the compact form factor (that was one of my key reasons for buying) as well as the fact that it can drive 3 x 4K displays - I use it primarily as a desktop workstation for development use rather than driving multiple large video displays - which I can easily disconnect and take home with me when required. A couple of things to note: * Yes, the heat sink fans will be audible when they spin up to full speed if extra cooling is required. I've installed the largest supported CPU (an Intel i7-8700) and it idles around 50C and can regularly get to 75-80C when under heavy load. When the unit is not under heavy load, the fans are barely audible. * The case can/will get warm when in use for a period of time - not unbearably hot - but definitely warm. If you're going to be using it for sustained periods of video encoding or heavy duty use, you may want to bear that in mind - either consider additional external cooling, or place the case on a heat-conductive surface that can help dissipate the heat. That said, I've not had any issues or concerns with the heat of my unit thus far. * The AMI BIOS looks quite dated - I appreciate this unit is geared towards more industrial/commercial usage rather than office/home use, but there are much more configurable UEFI BIOS UI's out there now and this feels a little basic and antiquated. * Although the unit can drive 3 x 4K displays, only two will be enabled/available until you boot into Windows (and presumably Linux) and you have up-to-date drivers installed - initially I could only get two out of my three displays to work at any one time - but after some discussion with Shuttle Inc tech support (very responsive and helpful in this instance) we got it sorted. You also need to ensure you have a proper HDMI 2.0a display cable for 4K support.
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