PC Gaming Desks by Swedish Pro-Design-Team Arozzi

Imagine the scene, it’s a clutch match in CS:GO, seconds to go and it’s just you left in your squad.  You’re ready, you got this, bomb is down and seconds are ticking away! Bring it on Mr Counter Terrorist, let’s see you get past me now.  You hear the clink of a flash-bang being deployed and frantically begin swiping your mouse to swivel 180 degrees to make that killer shot when, shh-shh-crunch, you run out of mouse pad.  I must admit it’s happened me more times than I can remember.

Let’s face it, when it comes to PC gaming desks, space is king.  The bigger the gaming surface, the better the gaming experience.   It also makes it so much easier to keep everything organised, reduce clutter and focus on gaming.

Gaming desks have developed so much over the past number of years.  As gaming hours increase, it is essential that the desk which you spend so much time is perfectly and ergonomically fit for purpose.

Top Class Gaming Desks

The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk has been rated one of the top gaming desks by IGN.com.  The also rated it the ‘Best Dedicated Gaming Computer Desk’.  Keeping in line with the proud Swedish pro-gaming heritage, these desks are designed by a series of Swedish pro-designers bringing together the ultimate gaming and computing experience with top class sturdy materials and beautiful aesthetics.

Huge Full-Surface Mouse Pad

Arozzi Arena PC Gaming Desks

The entire surface of the arena desks is covered with an interchangeable micro-fiber mouse pad which is attached on top of tough MDF board.  The mouse pad is specifically designed and custom fits the desk including ergonomic curve and covers a staggering 14 sq. ft.  The feet are also shod with anti-slip rubber bottoms to ensure the desk stays in place.

Water-Resistant & Easy Clean

Arozzi Arena PC Gaming Desks

The full surface is also water resistant which allows for easy cleaning.  It can also detach and can be thrown into the washing machine at a low temperature and air dried afterwards.

Intelligent Cable Management

Arozzi Arena PC Gaming Desks

The Arozzi Arena PC Gaming Desks all boast clever cable management.  There are 3 cut outs on top of the surface which follow through to a mesh underneath that is tightly held against the underside of the desk for cable management.

Monitor Attachment

Arozzi Arena PC Gaming Desks

There are also 3 cut outs not only for cable management use, but also for attaching monitors via mount.  The 5’3″ (160cm) wide desk is perfect for triple large monitor alignment.

Height Adjustable PC Gaming Desks

Arozzi Arena PC Gaming Desks

In keeping with the ergonomic design, the height of the desk can be adjusted by up to 10cm.  You simply use an allen key to adjust legs and add extra stability.  There are also 4 balance adjustment knobs below the legs which prevent the desk from any wobble so that it keeps perfectly setup for your personal environment.

Available in several striking colours, check out the ultimate PC gaming desks .

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