Universal laptop docking stations

Three reasons to choose Universal Docking Stations

Every workstation should have a universal docking station.  Here’s why:

1) Productivity

The market is shifting to thinner laptops with fewer ports.  With a universal docking station you can add extra ports, features or enhance the functionality of slimmer laptops and turn them into a full-size, modern workstation.  A survey conducted by the University of Utah estimated that ultra slim notebook sales would top 95.2 million units by 2021.

Ultra Slim Notebook Sales


2) Convenience

Universal docking stations

Bring convenience to shared and agile work-spaces

Companies are innovating by creating flexible work-spaces to encourage collaboration.  This also provides employees the technology and ability to work where they will be most productive.

Universal laptop docking station research stats

StarTech, HP and Dell all provides a wide selection of universal docking stations making it easy to turn any laptop into the ideal workstation solution.


3) Compatibility

Many workplaces cater for a BYOD (Bring your own device) environment.  This provides employees with the choice of device and can have a notable impact of their individual levels of innovation, performance and job satisfaction.

Universal docking stations satisfaction

According to Gensler workplace study, 61% of surveyed organisations are providing employees with access to the computer and/or mobile device that they feel comfortable with.  Universal docking stations allow for nearly any type of laptop to connect.

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